Nominating Committee

It is time for our current PTA Board to begin the nominating process for next school year’s board. Bolin Elementary PTA is a community of parents believing that through volunteering our time, we can improve the educational opportunities of our students. Outgoing PTA members are willing and happy to mentor new members as they become acquainted and bring new ideas to the group. Your time is valuable and every Bolin student is depending on you to step up if you can. There are a variety of positions that can fit anyone's level of involvement or schedule. If you or someone you know might like to become involved with the PTA, please click the icon below to fill out a Nomination Form online. There are position descriptions below if you would like more information about what each position does.  If you have any questions, contact the Nominating Committee Chair, Christina Ku.  We hope to hear from you soon. It is a fun and rewarding opportunity to help and serve the kids and school in many ways.


Executive Board

President -  This position oversees and provides guidance for all PTA board members/committees and activities, creates agendas and conducts PTA meetings according to Roberts Rules of Order, leads the school PTA toward specific goals chosen by the membership and is the official representative of the school PTA. The president works closely with the school administrators to meet the goals of the membership and is responsible for the accuracy of PTA information and compliance with PTA policies/bylaws.  Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA (including fundraising objectives, community building events, educational events, etc.)  Collaborate with Principal to create annual school calendar.  Collaborate with Treasurer and Budget Committee to create annual PTA budget.  Time Commitment:  10-15 hours per week, must be flexible. 

1st VP - Aide to President – This position serves as the primary aide to the president and will perform the duties of the president in the absence or disability of that office.   Time Commitment:  5 hours per week, must be flexible.

2nd VP – Programs – This position is responsible for review, committee and budget management and overseeing the scheduling and execution of the PTA sponsored projects, such as: National Night Out, Red Ribbon Week, Literacy Night, Talent Show, Spring Block Party, Author visits and speakers, and any other events the board decides and votes to hold within the year.  Time Commitment:  4 hours per week more during events.

3rd VP - Membership/Directory – This position is responsible for the recruitment of new members, collection and input of PTA membership and dues information.  Is a friendly face at the General PTA meetings and is responsible for checking in all members and recruiting new members at meetings and at all events.  Also, responsible for coming up with creative ways to recruit new members.  In addition, the position will work on updating online PTA Directory.  Time Commitment:  2 hours per week in the beginning of the year, less after November.

4th VP - Ways and Means - This person is responsible for coordinating all PTA fundraising activities.  You will serve on the Budget committee.  You will research possible fundraiser with a committee of 3-5 people and present ideas to the board and general membership for approval.  Form committees to plan and carry out each fundraiser.  You will be responsible to receive all money raised and make deposits, maintain records of all fundraiser activity.  Time Commitment:  1 hour per week during non-fundraising times and 10-15 hours per week more during fundraising events.

5th VP – Volunteers – This position oversees the recruitment and coordination of volunteers for all events. You will work closely with other board positions to aid them in volunteer recruitment for various events.   You will maintain an online database of volunteers (and their preferences) and communicate for recruitment activities. Time Commitment:  1 hour per week.
Secretary – This position records minutes at each PTA Board and General Meeting and submits them to the PTA president for review, makes necessary revisions, emails minutes PTA board members, posts minutes on PTA bulletin board.  Minutes are maintained in the official PTA Minutes Notebook.  Time commitment:  2 Hours per month.

Treasurer – This position maintains the PTA financial records, both hard and soft copy.  You will also prepare the budget with Budget Committee input.  You will manage and reconcile bank accounts (local and PayPal) and writes checks as approved.  You will provide financial reports for both PTA Board and PTA General Meetings and prepare necessary documentation for annual audits.  You will file annual IRS tax returns as well as file Sales Tax Returns in a timely manner.   You will assist PTA the board in money management and reporting.  You will archives the financial records after year end and tax returns filed.  This position requires the person to be able to collect deposit from school at least twice a week, be all events where money is being collect to receive money to deposit in the bank in a timely manner.  Time Commitment:  3-5 hours per week, must be flexible.

Parliamentarian – This position attends all meetings and gives advice on parliamentary procedure as needed according to Robert’s Rules, the by-laws and standing rules of Bolin Elementary PTA.  In addition you will review and update by-laws and standing rules every two years.  Time commitment:  2 Hours per month.

Historian – This person keeps records and takes photographs of all PTA programs and events. You will compile the PTA scrapbook per council guidelines and submit to PTA Council by deadline for judging.  Time Commitment:  1 hour per week if pages are made after every event.  

Chair Positions

6th Grade EOY Fun Day - This position will organize 6th Grade End of Year Fun Day.  You will organizing t-shirt orders, check with local businesses for donations and form a committee with 6th grade parents to delegate what needs to be done for the event.  Time Commitment:  3-5 hours per week.

AISD Fun Runs – This position will coordinate all efforts for Fun Runs by distribution of registration forms, working with webmaster/publicity chair to promote the run, attend monthly Fun Run meetings, and weekly Fun  Run meetings the month prior to the run.  You will help with incentives for those that register and attend one or more work days to help with goody bag stuffing.  Once shirts are received you will distribute shirts and bags to students the week prior to run. Time Commitment:   2-5 Hours per week during Fun Run promotion.

Arts in Education - This position will coordinate portfolios with Allen Arts Alliance monthly.  You will coordinate Art To Go volunteers with teacher's schedules at beginning of school year and maintain monthly volunteer schedule calendar.  Time Commitment:   3-5 hours per week at the beginning of school year then about 1 hour per month once schedule and volunteers are in place.

Book Fair – This position will coordinator all aspects of the Scholastic Book Fair: overall operations, including marketing and advertising, setting up the book fair (reserving space and setting dates with Scholastic), work with Volunteer VP to get staffing for sale dates, run book fair (reordering books, restocking, working with volunteers) and complete financial records associated with book fair & reporting back to board.  Time Commitment:  1 hour per month except the week prior to book fair and book fair week expect about 20 hours.

Box Tops and Reward Programs - This position is responsible for encouraging participation in the Box Tops for Education, Labels for Education, Coke Rewards and Grocery Store Reward programs.  Collect box tops and submit them for reimbursement.  Coordinate with the Webmaster/Publicity Chair the publicizing the collection of Box Tops and reward programs to encourage participation.  Time Commitment:   1-2 hours per month.

Bulletin Board – This position will create a visually engaging bulletin board to promote PTA.  Maintain bulletin board throughout year by updating display. Keep current copies of pertinent PTA documents available on bulletin board.  Time Commitment:   20 hours when changing out bulletin boards but otherwise a few hours a month to maintain.

Environmental – This position is responsible for the promotion and encouragement of recycling and environmental awareness at school.  This position will promote and organize the KAB Recycled Art Contest (district wide event with the city) in the fall, promote and organize Walk to School Day in the fall, promote, organize and execute the Reuse-A-Shoe Contest in the spring, promote, organize and execute the Reuse –a-Book day in the spring.  Time Commitment:  1 - 2 hour per month, a little more during events.

Room Parent Coordinator – This position is responsible for the organization of the classroom room parents.  You will keep room parents informed of parties, silent auction, teacher appreciation week, and answering any questions related to these events all in a positive manner.  You will recruit room parents during Meet the Teacher by sending sign-up sheets to the teachers.  You will hold a Room Parent meeting in September to inform room parents of the room parent guidelines.  Time Commitment:  6-8 hours the first month of school and then 1-2 hours per month during events.

Teacher Appreciation/Hospitality – This position is responsible for the coordination of various Teacher Appreciation Events as well as PTA Hospitality events such as:  Back to school week for teachers, Cheer and Tears breakfast for kindergarten parents, Chuck Wagon for teachers, Veteran's Day Reception, Teacher Treat Extravaganza, Teacher soup luncheon and Teacher Appreciation week.  Time Commitment:  4 - 6 hours per event.

WatchDogs – This position is responsible for the coordination of the WatchDog program.  You will host a kick off/program introduction meeting in September of each school year.  You will maintain the Volunteer Spot Watchdog Signup.  During events you will recruit WatchDogs to help out.  You will be responsible for ordering T-shirts for new WatchDog Dads.  Time Commitment:  4 - 6 hours at the beginning of the school year and then 1 hour per month for the remaining of the year.

Webmaster/Publicity – This position will create and edit a digital weekly PTA Newsletter.  You will also maintain the PTA Facebook page and PTA website.  You will also create online forms for PTA use.  Time Commitment:  6 – 8 hours per week more during PTA events.

YO Coordinator (Tuesday Folders) – This position is responsible for assembly the YO (Youngest/Only Child) list at the beginning of the school year.  You will coordinate 3 "Monday Sorters" to help at their homes and gather materials for Monday Sorters.  You will stuff Tuesday folders on Tuesdays returning folders to teachers.  Time Commitment:  4-5 hours per week.